Bio Frequency in Toledo

How does Bio Frequency work?

Bio Frequency Therapy is surprisingly simple. Thin metal discs are applied directly to your skin which transmit neuro frequencies to your nervous system, starting the self-regulating, self-healing process immediately. Because your body has up to 15 million different electrical and chemical signals throughout the pathways of nerves, ANF Therapy’s ability to control and redirect the neuro frequencies through nervous system signalization can improve the function of multiple body systems, including your immune system, allowing for more efficient use of your defense system’s resources.

What are the benefits of Bio Frequency?

Many therapists see the value in this innovative therapeutic approach and have noted several advantages to its use. Often clients experience instant improvements, decreasing inflammation and eliminating free radicals and toxins. Other benefits include:

  • Pain reduction
  • Improved gland and organ functioning
  • Increased performance and endurance
  • Anti-bacterial and non-chemical

Bio Frequency is a safe and simple treatment for all ages. Whether you’re an athlete or just someone looking for easier, effective therapy, you’ll be able to experience numerous, noticeable changes to put your body back on the road to health.