Toledo Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation from 3D Wellness

Physical therapy is an essential part of most post-surgery and injury rehabilitation programs, and often one that gets the least attention. While activity levels are important in the recovery and injury management, knowing the right types of movements, and exactly how much strain to put on the body during recovery, can be the difference between successful rehabilitation and not.

The skilled Physical therapy staff at 3D Wellness understands a wide variety of injury, surgery recovery and pain management techniques to help you get the most out of your physical therapy visits. We’ve worked with a wide variety of patients to help strengthen muscles and joints, reduce pain and swelling, and reactive frozen joints and those with limited range of motion.

Benefits from a Comprehensive Physical Therapy Treatment Program Include:

  • Customized PT programs designed around patient needs
  • Work as little or as much as you feel capable of, guided by a medical professional
  • No surgery, invasive procedures, or drugs required
  • Improve flexibility, strength and mobility for the rest of your life
  • Reactivate your body, increasing energy and the desire to move and be active

The physical therapists and PT assistants at 3D Wellness are here to help you take your life back from chronic pain, either as a result of injury, surgery or disease. We can work with patients experiencing everything from a fracture to fibromyalgia, and encourage individuals of any activity level to try physical therapy as a first option.

Supervised, Medical Alternative to Surgery

Not only is physical therapy an important part of post-surgery recovery, it can actually reduce or eliminate the need for surgery in the first place. In many situations, patients can benefit from physical therapy programs, designed to help strengthen the body, reduce pain and get people moving again. Surgery and harsh drugs are not always the right course of action, and physical therapy could be the best way to improve your physical condition and reduce your pain without the need for other options.

If you think physical therapy may be right for you, or would like more information about our physical therapy programs and options, contact Toledo’s physical therapy specialists at 3D Wellness today at (419) 367-1417.