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The Connection of Diet to Exercise

Regular physical activity has many health benefits—increased energy and lifespan, as well as overall wellbeing, to name a few. People of all ages can benefit from remaining active, and there are many types of exercise that help you attain your peak fitness.

Often overlooked, though, is the importance of diet to physical fitness. Are you looking to shed pounds and reach a healthy weight? Or are looking to tone your body with muscle while maintaining your healthy body weight? Both are possible with a proper diet. Scientific research confirms that diet and exercise work in conjunction with one another, so it is essential to understand how proper nutrition contributes to overall health and how you can achieve a more integrated state of wellbeing.

Combating Obesity with Diet

Exercise can mitigate weight gain, but it doesn’t supply the body with needed nutrients for its optimal performance. That’s where diet comes in. If you are obese or overweight, it’s not as simple as eating less. Starving yourself may lead to some weight loss, but your body will compensate by lowering its metabolic rate, which will slow weight loss and still leave you without proper nutrients.

The key is to eat just enough calories from healthy foods to maintain your basal metabolic rate so that your body begins to operate at a caloric deficit. A healthy diet with proper caloric intake supplemented with frequent exercise to prevent muscle mass loss will lead to a slimmer, fitter self. Because all bodies are different, each individual’s diet and exercise plan will be unique, so it’s important to seek the advice of a doctor and physical fitness professional to learn what is best for you.

Toning Up with Diet

If you are at a healthy weight but are looking to tone up—lose fat and gain muscle mass—diet can play an integral role. Healthy foods contribute to faster changes in your body composition, so while genetics are a factor in your physical makeup, you can still build muscle and decrease your excess body fat percentage. Incorporating adequate protein into your diet, as well as completing exercises for specific muscle groups, will help you maintain your healthy weight, lose excess fat mass and build muscle mass. As always, the professional opinion of your doctor or physical fitness instructor is essential for proper guidance.


One of the fastest-growing areas of health research today is gut health. Scientific research in the past two decades has uncovered the connection of gut health to overall health, and more and more health specialists are making intestinal health a priority, as research indicates many diseases originate in the gut. An unhealthy gut can express itself in a wide variety of digestive troubles like constipation, bloating and gas, but sufferers can develop anything from autoimmune diseases to depression and fatigue.

The gut is made up of approximately 100 trillion microorganisms, 10 times more bacteria than your body’s human cells. The gut flora regulate healthy gastrointestinal function and metabolism and also fight disease and infection as part of your immune system. Unfortunately, modern diets low in fermentable fibers and high in processed foods, sugar and refined carbohydrates directly contribute to poorer gut health—not to mention the harmful effects of certain medications and common stressors.

Not surprisingly, many foods and dietary supplements have begun to claim to improve gut health, but it is important to understand what the connection of gut health to overall health is, and how to combat the toxins that spread throughout the body when you have what is known as a leaky gut. This means your intestinal barrier becomes permeable, letting out toxins which your body treats as foreign substances and attacks. This is the basis for link between poor gut health and autoimmune diseases.

Restoring Your Gut Health

Health researchers have pinpointed several effective methods that can begin healing your gut and restoring your overall health, including:

  • Avoiding toxins in common foods and medications
  • Including fermentable fibers and fermented food into your diet
  • Proactive treatment of intestinal pathogens
  • Healthy stress management

Do you want to attain better gastrointestinal function, overall bodily health and wellbeing and even healthy weight loss? You can learn more about the importance of gut health restoration, nutrition and diet by contacting 3D Wellness today.