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One of the oldest forms of physical medicine, massage therapy has been used by medical professionals for thousands of years to help improve function of muscles and joints. Science has shown that hundreds of conditions, from arthritis to post-surgery recovery, can be assisted by using regular, targeted massage therapy to help improve blood flow and reduce tension in the affected areas. Even perfectly healthy individuals can see an improvement in energy, athletic performance and recovery time after surgery and injury by using a regular massage therapy program.

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy is the practice of applying pressure, tension, motion, or vibration to the soft tissues of the body (muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, joints and lymphatic vessels) to achieve a beneficial response. 3D Wellness is the premiere specialist in the field of therapeutic massage in Toledo and Northwest Ohio.

Many basic massage techniques aim to increase the circulation of bodily fluids and clear the body of toxins, thereby achieving a positive systemic effect that enhances overall wellness. Other, more specialized techniques are incorporated to address individual problem areas by working very specifically on related muscle groups and soft tissues.

Myofascial Release Therapy

At 3D Wellness, we practice a specific type of massage therapy, called myofascial release massage. The word 'myo' means 'muscle'. The word 'fascia' means the 'band' or 'connective soft tissue' that supports your entire body. If you could see connective tissue beneath your skin you would observe that it is fibrous, densely woven, continuously connects and surrounds our internal organs, permeates the entire body from head to toe, and has characteristics that provide cushioning and support to our complete body.

Time, injury, wear and tear, poor posture, stress and other factors can cause this connective tissue to manifest tension, restrictions and imbalance within our bodies. Myofascial Release is a very effective hands-on technique that works to 'release' and rebalance our muscle and connective soft tissue system.

Your 3D Wellness massage therapist will first observe your posture and discuss any pains or physical conditions that can cause you discomfort or restrict movements. Skill and knowledge base allows your practitioner to feel, observe and sense where varied degrees of pressure, stretching, kneading and palpitation will help eliminate pain and restore range of motion.

Who can benefit from Myofascial Release Therapy in Toledo?

General discomfort, chronic pain, sporting injuries, headache, back pain, whiplash injury, general injury, muscle spasms, restriction of motion, poor posture and specific ailments related to everyday living such as carpal tunnel and neurological dysfunction all benefit from this work. Myofascial restrictions can be manipulated to restore range of motion and alleviate pain. The goal is to provide safe and effective treatment that encourages your body to restore, realign and balance your myofascial system.

Through appropriate and individualized application by a professional 3D Wellness massage therapist, a wide range of health benefits can be achieved. An individualized treatment plan is created and followed by the 3D Wellness massage therapists, and this is usually done in coordination with a patient’s physician or chiropractor.

We encourage you to learn more about the benefits of massage therapy and our diverse massage therapy services today. Feel free to reach out to Toledo’s massage therapy experts at 3DWellness today by calling (419) 367-1417.