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3D Wellness is devoted to your pain, functional movement, balance and massage needs. We will be your resource for unleashing strength, minimizing pain, and improving your grace and balance. Teaming up will allow us to offer a whole range of services to help you get back in the game, whether you run marathons, do triathlons, or just want to be able to run through the airport to catch a flight or pick up your kids without hurting your back.

Joani Donovan

Joani Donovan LMT, NKT, CKPT, MMAT

Joani is a 2003 graduate of the Northwest Academy of Massotherapy. She completed a 600-hour program in Anatomy & Physiology and Massage Theory.

Continuing education plays an important part in Joani's success to be able to conform the massage to the client's individual needs. She is a Certifed Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist (Structural Integration); Certified Kinesiotaping Practitioner. Modallities include Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, LaStone Therapy. neck & whiplash techniques and Upper / Lower cross syndrome corrections. She has also built relationships with other healthcare professionals to be a resource for her clients' needs.

Check out her strategic alliances in the Toledo area including nutrition counseling, chiropractors, plastic / orthopedic / vascular surgeons, life coaching, yoga and personal fitness trainers.

Dani Schall

Dani Schall, LMT, FST

Has been a massage therapist for 12 years! She is a massage therapist who believes in tailoring a massage to the individual needs of each client, combining modalities as necessary. Danielle has studied neck and whiplash injury techniques, low back pain, myofasical release and general swedish relaxation massage. She is personable, professional dedicated therapist who is passionate about massage and achieving a healthy lifestyle! Whether you are simply looking to de-stress, eliminate pain or increase your strength and mobility, Danielle is looking forward to working with you.

Tony Fondren, LMT

Tony Fondren, LMT

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I believe in looking for the root cause of the problem and addressing it at its source. I don't see the logic in treating symptoms, as they will just continue to reoccur, over and over again. Through keen observation I have noticed a direct correlation between pain and imbalances in the flow of blood and lymph. Areas of the body that are overworked will draw blood flow away from the areas that are under worked. Thus, it is the imbalances that need to be addressed in order to fix the problem.

Originally I had plans of becoming a mechanical engineer, and earned my associate degree while working in the automotive industry. In an effort to further my education I pursued a baccalaureate degree. However, my ever changing work schedule made it nearly impossible to complete. So, I took the skilled trades exam, and scored in the top of the class. The job I was offered required me to change direction, as I was offered the electrician apprenticeship. After several years I became increasingly aware that my spirit was just not into fixing robots and automation. I looked around and saw lots of pain and suffering and the robots I was working on didn't feel a thing. So, I set off on a path to learn to fix the human body, taking with me the knowledge of mechanics and electricity and applying them to heal my clients.

Dr. Olivia Terrell, PT, DPT, CSCS

Amy Gross, Yoga, RN, RYT, FST