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Movement & Manual/Functional Therapy

3D wellness specializes in a variety of massage and movement therapies designed to reduce pain and improve functionality. By employing several modalities at the same time, we can harness the benefits of a wider range of treatments, improving the entire body’s function and wellness. Move without pain, and feel your best self again with help from the movement and massage therapy programs at 3D Wellness.


Massage Therapy

Function Movement

Lymphatic Massage

Brain Breath & Barefoot protocols

If you’re experiencing pain, inflammation or reduced movement as a result of chronic pain or injury, contact 3D Wellness today.

We’ll work with you and your physician to create a plan of care that addresses not only your needs, but helps restore you back to feeling and performing your very best. From professional triathletes to weekend warriors, we’re here to help you feel, move and perform your best, while living the life you always wanted to.

The Importance of Balance

The human body is an intricate machine, functioning best when all its parts are in the right place working together to move and live. When one component falls out of alignment, it puts additional strain on the entire system, resulting in pain, inflammation and limited mobility. 3D Wellness seeks to fix that issue by adjusting the body back into proper alignment, alleviating stress and helping reduce pain. This is rarely a single appointment process, as your body needs to be retrained and reminded how to function the right way. But through repeated treatments, administered over time, we can help adjust and realign the body’s musculoskeletal system to work optimally again.

A Combination of Techniques

Manual/Functional Therapy can be one of the most important medical tools in improving flexibility and mobility, while reducing pain throughout the body. Massage is a proven and effective tool in relieving pain and inflammation due to injury, stress or general muscle soreness and fatigue. But Massage alone is not enough. 3D Wellness combines a wider variety of aligned treatments and therapies to maximize the benefits of each, helping to realign the musculoskeletal system to achieve proper balance. Treatments like Neurokinetic therapy, kinesio taping, cupping and others all help serve to re-balance the body’s systems, resulting in better total body relief.